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Kenwood at Car Stereo Express
April 30, 2014
car audio Hawaii; car audio Honolulu; car audio aiea; car audio pearl city;
Pioneer at Car Stereo Express
April 27, 2014

Viper alarms at Car Stereo Express

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Hawaii's best car audio shop, Car Stereo Express, is also Hawaii's best place to get a car alarm/security system.

We have a wide variety of Viper alarms to choose from. From the simple and basic alarm system/keyless entry, to the full paging and remote start systems. We have the right security system for anyone's vehicle. We also have in stock a full load of viper accessories, including power window roll up modules, door lock actuators, and bypass modules to name just a few. All this while offering fast same day installation. If your looking for the best alarm at the best possible price, come to Car Stereo Express in Aiea. Our techs are highly trained in vehicle security system installs. Our techs have a combined total of over 50 years in the car audio industry. Combine that with the fact that we use the most current and top schematic systems available ensures that you get the perfect job done on your vehicle at a timely manner. So don't over pay for an alarm system and wait hours and hours or possibly weeks before it gets installed in your vehicle. Come see us to schedule same day fast and reliable service today.

Viper security systems are made by a company called Directed electronics. Directed has many different alarm systems but none more elite than the Viper systems. They are made with the highest of standards compared to other product lines, such as Clifford, or Avital. When it comes to reliability and performance no other alarm system compares to a Viper alarm.

Viper 3105v is the first alarm in the line up. It is a basic alarm loaded with great features that come standard with the install. It is easy to use and very affordable. Can be installed for most vehicles.

Viper 3305v is a nice upgrade from the 3105v because it not only brings you the same great features and ease of use, but also comes with a paging remote system that gives real time alerts of anything happening to your vehicle within 1/4 mile range.

Viper 5706V is considered one of the best alarm systems available today. It comes with all the features of the other alarm systems, but also will remote start your vehicle. Great feature to have during these hot summer days. Start your car and let the A/C cool it off before you get inside. The 5706V also comes with a 1 mile paging remote start that is also fully rechargeable.

One of the coolest features to add to any Viper alarm system is the Viper smart start module. This gives you the convenience of using your cell phone as a remote for your alarm system. It also lets you track and see GPS coordinates of your car from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on an alarm system give us a call anytime.